2009 in Rhyme

—by Nathan on December 26, 2009—

Dear Friends and Family,

Another year has sped by. Was Christmas almost a year ago? What is also hard to believe is that my mom and dad have allowed me (Nathan) to pen the letter this year. There have been many ups and downs in 2009, and I'd like to share a few of them. Also, to celebrate the Christmas tradition of rhyming stories, I'm putting it into a poem. Try not to laugh.

The year starts out before spring,
Cold hands grasping everything.
The Christmas spirit fading like a ghost
Just when we feel like we need it most.

School, studying, all that whack,
Handed out like a toy from Santa's sack.
AWANA whizzes down the final road,
Anna does Bible Quizzing and wins the gold.

Barb and Aunt Becky go to the Sunshine State,
Leaving Scott with Abby, Anna, and Nate.
Pleasure and school wrapped in one,
Sometimes boring, sometimes fun.

Anna celebrates her golden birthday and departs,
To Florida with Barb, leaving us with sad hearts.
The eleven-year old is treated like a queen.
Her grandparents let her do almost anything.

An energetic squirrel makes our attic his nest,
But we don't want him up there to rest.
In fixing the problem, we soon see,
We need a new roof, and it's not free!

At last, the summer comes with heat.
Going to Florida is always a treat.
Seeing the grandparents is very pleasant,
Just being down there is like a present.

Sun, food, parks, and the occasional dip,
Make this an exciting beginning for the trip.
Hanging out with grandparents and playing games,
Trying to not drive Scott and Barb insane.

Then comes Disney, what a week!
Full of rides, treats, and sore feet.
Coasters, shows, and magic galore,
Is there anything else a kid could ask for?

Coming home, we soon get a fright
When a pit bull gives Scott a nasty bite.
It has been two decades of health-inspecting,
And still he does a great job at family supporting.

Anna does a dance camp, which she enjoys.
I write my first book; I'm a happy boy.
A costume party for Abby's sixth birthday
Includes a cake hunt and games to play.

Home-schooling high school is easy (yeah, right!).
Mom and I "never" get into a fight.
On Tuesdays, Greenhouse is where I stay,
Learning history and English most of the day.

Green Leaf arrives with biology and French for me.
Anna does zoology, writing, and geography.
Abby studies animals with three little boys,
They learn a lot and play with toys.

AWANA comes around and we all do our thing
Whether reciting verses or "leadering."
We go there every Wednesday night
Once the day leaves with the light.

Fall comes furious and fast
(Raking leaves is far from a blast).
Like leaves, Jay Cutler falls with Chicago,
Interceptions are all he seems to throw.

Great Grandma Falk turns ninety-five,
And we're all happy she's still alive.
Florida grandparents come here for the party
Then spend time with their loving family.

Scott and Barb are married for 20 years,
And Thanksgiving and family come here.
I turn 15 and next summer, possibly,
You could see me driving, occasionally.

Anna is in a play - make that two,
For church and a class she likes to do.
She's having fun; she's quite the actor,
Though she doesn't think it's in her future.

Barb and Becky go to Florida and enjoy the weather
While I write my very first Christmas letter.
Snow falls down; what a bummer,
I really wish that it was summer.

On Christmas day, that wonderful morn,
The Savior of the entire world was born.
Humble he was, not a lord or king,
Yet still he was Master of everything.

This is why we celebrate in joy,
The birth of a very special boy.
A baby who is our eternity,
Would die to save you and me.

So amid the presents, family, and treats,
Remember the reason we really meet.
And what we have been given in 2009 -
Things to remember for all our time.


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