Civil War

—by Nathan on December 12, 2009—

Civil War. No, not the war from 1861-1865 between the Union and Confederates over slavery. No. This war was between super-heroes. Marvel put out this comic (written by Marc Millar) back in 2007, and the events within the book would rock the entire super-powered community and drastically change it forever. Civil War shows that the battles aren't always against the bad-guys. So, how in the world did this whole thing begin? And what were the horrifying aftershocks? Well, let's take a peek inside:

How It All Began: Civil War started out with a fight. The New Warriors fought Nitro (a villain who can explode all or part of his body and reassemble it) in Stamford, Connecticut. The battle resulted in the bad guy exploding, blowing up a nearby school. People were killed. Industrialist/billionaire/super-hero Anthony Stark (Iron Man) met with the President of the United States to talk over this terrible crisis. The result was a new bill passed by Congress and signed by the President himself: "The Superhuman Registration Act". This meant that all heroes had to reveal their true identities, or face imprisonment. Well, some guys didn't like that. So they formed a rebellion.

Rebels With A Cause: Led by Steve Rogers (Captain America-who's identity was actually known by the world but still didn't favor the Act), the rebellion fought against the Registration Act. This started the beating-the-snot-out-of-everyone part of the war. The speaking was over, the dying was beginning. It was the underground (Cap, the Falcon, the Punisher, etc.) against the government heroes (Iron Man, Spider-Man, the Thunderbolts, etc.) The Act divided many friendships and families during Civil War. The members of the heroic team known as the Fantastic Four were even split by this. Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), Susan Storm (The Invisible Woman) and Benjamin Grimm (The Thing) fought for Registration, while Johnathan Storm (The Human Torch) battled against it. During one battle, Thor intervened, causing the death of registered hero Bill Foster (Giant Man). But the pain and death wasn't over.

End: Unknown to many, captured rebel heroes were being imprisoned in a prison in the other-worldly dimension called the Negative Zone. Meanwhile, on Earth, fighting continued between the registered verses the non-registered. The came the climactic final battle. In the end, many heroes had fallen. Captain America had been captured and imprisoned. In a few months, he would be assassinated. Things seemed bleak for the Marvel Universe. It needed a glimmer of hope. I don't know what's happened over the past few years, but everything seems to be pulling closer to normal.

The Story Of A Spider: Spider-Man's tale is a very interesting one. In the beginning, he was Tony's ally, revealing himself as Peter Parker to the world. Later, however, after seeing the horrible, inhumane way prisoners were being treated in the Negative Zone, he switched sides. After that, he and his family were on the run, hoping to hide from Iron Man and other registered heroes. Joining the rebels, he fought with them on the night of the final battle. Though the rebels lost, he slipped away, avoiding capture. On his return home, Peter sensed a nearby gunman hired to kill him. He shoved his wife, Mary Jane, out of the way of the speeding bullet, but was unable to save his aunt from being hit. After this, he turned to an old black and white costume to display his grief to the world. In recent events, he made a deal with the demon known as Mephisto to save his aunt's life. The price? His marriage to Mary Jane.

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