Day 1 At Disney: Going Downtown

—by Nathan on June 22, 2009—

Monday, June 8th, was a very remarkable day for us, and one that will stay in our heads forever. On that day, we entered the magical place "Where Dreams Come True". Sound familiar? If you said that we went to Disney World, then you'd be right. We drove through the front gates at 12:35, us kids filled with adrenaline, our parents without any. They'd lost it back there somewhere on the road from 3000 South (my grandparents home) to Orlando. And we weren't going back to get it. As we sped towards our hotel (All-Star Movies) I kept hearing shouts of "We're really here!" and "I can't believe it!" and swore that I should get $.25 every time someone said it. We checked in and went up to our rooms. We had two. My parents would sleep in one, while Anna, Abby, and I would share the second. Since it was past our usual time for lunch, we were fairly hungry. Going down to the food court, we found it packed with vacationers. Oh, great. But, eventually, we got through the packed lines and sat at a table to scarf down out meal. Each bite was better than the rest, like the food WAS filled with Disney Magic.

Next, we headed downtown, to the ultimate Disney shopping experience. From chocolate shops to a LEGO center, Downtown Disney has a ton of souvenirs for people like us to purchase. Each of us kids got something. It was really cool to walk around, visiting each shop, and seeing how Disney carefully sprinkled its magic: The sights, the sounds, the smells...they're all so captivating. You just CAN'T ignore going into all the shops. And the Cast Members are so friendly and polite and...Wait just a minute. Who are "Cast Members"? As a matter of fact, they are Disney's employees. They are called "Cast Members" because everything in the "Most Magical Place On Earth" circulates around movies. Get the picture? Good.

When we finished our little tour of "Downtown Disney", my family and I headed back to All-Star Movies to eat dinner. Then, we went to our rooms and to sleep, dreaming about the next day. What wonders did IT have in store for this little group from Naperville, Illinois?

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