Day 1 With Dad

—by Nathan on April 18, 2009—

This morning, we were driving my Mom and my sister Anna to the airport. This was the first day of their trip to Florida. As we were traveling, a Kree (Marvel Comics readers should know what the Kree are) warship suddenly appeared before us. It turned out that the Barb and Anna Kiehn with us where actually impostors: Skrull shape-shifters that were pretending to be our beloved family members! The real Anna and Barb were already in Florida, but these aliens had to get to their top-secret base before the Kree destroyed them! Giving Abby a laser, the Skrulls watched her stick her body out from the sunroof and fire. A direct hit! The ship went down, and we secretly and safely delivered our passengers to their HQ.

Dad, Abby, and I debated on which way to go home: We certainly couldn't drive back the way we came. The roads were jammed because of a fallen spaceship (Oops). So, my ingenious father tried another route... and got lost. Before finding the right way home, we did manage to find ourselves the right road to Chicago, St. Louis, and Alaska. Looks like Dad needs to start using a map. Once we arrived home, I browsed the Internet and found a cool website that would turn us into secret agents and would hand us occasional missions. I signed the three of us up (Well, we HAVE to have some fun while Mom and Anna are away) and was told that we would receive our first assignment over lunch. Over my Dad's fire pit, we roasted squirrel (Gah! Dad also needs to learn how to cook). Suddenly, the flames turned into a head and told us that we had to stop the insidious Labor Guy from forcing the entire neighborhood into becoming his slaves! Before we could leap into action, the Labor Guy himself appeared and made us do hard and tiring work on our lawn. Hours later, Abby, getting so fed up with him, threw a bucket of water over him, and he melted. Wow. She's on fire today. What's she been hiding from us? While Abby was bathed, I conversed with other secret agents:

ME: "Yo."


ME: "Any Missions Yet?"

ABB: "Yeah. Stopped The Super Sarcastic Man From Blowing Up The Moon."

ME: "Cool."

And so, we talked until Abby came down from her bath. It was time for training. In order to hone our weaponry skills, we used a program to play against other agents. Soon, it was time for dinner: Fried ostrich legs! Hmmm...tastes like chicken. After our meal, we watched a few flicks that will help us with our next mission. Can't tell you what it is though...

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