Day 3 With Dad

—by Nathan on April 20, 2009—

Today has been a day of ups. A lot of them. For starters, we had to do schoolwork sent by the agents in the Education Department. That was an up. I expected college-level math and science was what we had to do. Boy, I was wrong. Figuring out to assemble ray guns, disassemble security alarms, cracking codes is a heck of a lot of fun. Being an secret agent is awesome. Even mr. lag enjoyed helping us. Another up was that I got my very first mission. And it's tonight! I am really excited. The guys who gave it to me (In the form of a video game disk) said that it wasn't much: Me and a group of other agents (From the place the seminar was at) are going to a house to stop the evil Alien X-R2 from building a weapon that will destroy the world. We've already planned how we're going to proceed: The kids and I are going to pretend to be one of those hired birthday party companies and go to his house. Once inside, we'll jump him, subdue him, and smash his evil machine to bits. I feel pumped! Adrenaline is pouring through my veins as I type. I feel like I'm going to burst! Yet another exiting event that has taken place at this house is that we've learned a fascinating secret about my father: When he was around mine and Anna's ages, he was a spy! Yeah, it's awesome. He went under the code Mohammad (I don't why. Maybe he likes that Ali wrestler dude) and went on thousands of missions around the world. Alright...maybe "thousands" is a little bit of exaggeration, but I still think it's pretty cool. And here I thought he was only a health inspector that worked for the county. This raises questions: What else is he hiding from us? What about Mom? Does she have any secret past that she's been veiling in order to protect her family? And does that mean she's really in Florida? So many questions! Can't...think...straight...brain...hurts...I feel...dizz

3 hours later:

Sorry, I kinda blacked out for a second...or an hour or two...or three. Wow, look at the time. Almost dinner. I have to make something before Dad makes any plans. You know how he cooks! And to save the world! Looks like it's agent garret (Or agent #0123456789 to the rescue!

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