Day 4 With Dad

—by Nathan on April 21, 2009—

I'm in really big trouble. And I mean BIG! Like, the size of the world big! Thanks to my blog about yesterday, the evil X-R2 found out about our plan to stop him and captured us. We escaped and smashed him anyway, but I'm not yet forgiven by my peers. Also, I've been fired for breaking Agent Law# 183992993298748374575849439875: "No revealing of agent group missions is permitted in any way, shape, or form outside of agents' ears. Telling so to others will be punished by extermination of agent status."

I guess that includes blogging too. Drats. Also, Abby and Dad have been suspended for failing their mission last night. What is it, you ask? Well, if I tell, I'll be fired, because they were in a group. Oh, wait. I AM ALREADY FIRED. Does that mean I should just start leaking secret agent info? Like that agent #1256356435435's weakness is pink lollipops? Or that agent #7751387598279823759827398237598237598 likes to eat baby slugs for dinner (And I thought my Dad cooked weird!)? Or how about I just tell you of mr. lag's and LiL BiT secret mission last night? I think I will! What will they do? DOUBLE fire me? HA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's funny. Ahem...Allow me to begin:

Last night, they where sent to capture the evil alien general McSlovar. They went to the library (His HQ), defeated his henchmen with ease, and found him. They attacked him and soon were beating the snot out of him. But an agent who had accompanied them turned out to be a traitor and knocked both of them out. Luckily, mr. lag put out a homing beacon before he drifted into unconsciousness. They woke up hours later to find them at home and the alien and the agent missing. How terrible!

So, now that we're out of jobs (Only for a while for them) we decided to do a regular morning and afternoon of school. Everything went smooth...except for a little something that happened before lunch.

I had forgotten to give back my comm link, so I accidentally received a message about an attacking warship that was busily bombing Naperville. I decided to go and stop it, but, not wanting to be seen, I needed a disguise. I found a black sweater, sweats, and ski mask. Putting them on, I found a grappling hook, a few gas bombs, and a mini taser in Dad's old agent equipment (I also discovered a half-eaten, 30-plus-year-old turkey sandwich that he must have forgotten at lunch). So, long story short, I went downtown, found the aliens, and destroyed their ship. Back at home, we ate dinner and watched a movie, our agent status and worries washed clean away. But this disguise and weaponry thing...could I use it to become a super-hero (Better not tell Mom or Dad: They would worry. That means that ALL YOU READERS MUST FORGET EVERYTHING YOU HAVE JUST READ! I HAVE NO INTENTION OF BECOMING ANY SORT OF HERO...WHATSOEVER!! THIS WAS ALL JUST A JOKE!!! AND DON'T TELL MY PARENTS ANY OF THIS!!! THANK YOU!!!!)?

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