Favorite School Subjects

—by Nathan on October 11, 2008—

So far, I have two favorite school subjects for this year: Math (Which is a surprise to me after last year) and a literary discussion I do with my co-op (Called Greenleaf). Both of these subjects are teaching me a lot, and are fun and student-friendly. And so far, no really big arguments have broken out because over them... yet.

MATH: Probably the main reason I like math better is because it's written in narrative form. The books are called "The Life of Fred" series and are about the adventures (Or misadventures) of a five-year old by the name of Fred Gauss ("Rhymes with 'house'"). Now Fred isn't your average kindergarten-age child: He a college teacher. And he's shorter than most kids his age. Anyway, the author of "The Life of Fred" uses real life situations and problems (E.g.: If you divide a pizza into six pieces and you have seven people to feed (Including yourself), how much pizza does everyone eat?) to teach readers math... as serious as it needs to be.

LITERARY DISCUSSION: In my co-op, the book my group and I are reading and discussing is J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings". We are using a curriculum that goes over each and every chapter and let's us fill in blanks, find out what certain vocabulary words mean (I believe this will expand my own vocab for my writing), and answer easy and difficult comprehension questions( Which force me to use my pate -meaning brain or head- which was one of our vocab words, probably my favorite). We usually do three chapters a week (With a vocab quiz every now and then in place of a chapter), then get together every Thursday to go over what we've done. It's fun.

As I aforementioned, these are my favorite subjects. There might be others as the year progresses, there might not. But I think these will be the two most-liked subjects of the year for me.

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