From Easy To Hard

—by Nathan on May 7, 2008—

O.K., In my opinion, school is tough. Sure it may be easy to count your 1,2,3's and say your ABC's, but it gets harder over the years (Like try to divide 3 by 7, subtract 25, add 53, multiply by 5, add the square root of 25, multiply by 234 squared and subtract 1,475. What do you get? I don't know, but guess what I get: a headache the size of Texas). You believe me? Am I right? Yes, good. You see, I've done school since I was an infant (Really, as a baby I learned a twist on Newton's law of motion: "A baby walking will stay walking unless acted upon by a force... namely, the floor"). As I grew, I learned many new things in school: How to write my name, how to spell correctily, and even grammar by my father: "I couldn't see nothing." I thought the easiness would always last. Boy, was I wrong! Math has become harder to grasp, science, too. Still, reading and writing are fun, so is the co-op I've been in for years. I guess home school is only a WEE bit easier than I thought it was (Hey, this blogging has changed my opinion on school! Think if I write a blog on tacos, I might like them better? Hmm... Nah!)

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