I'm Against Evolution

—by Nathan on May 5, 2008—

Many scientists believe in a theory known as evolution. This theory states that it was the result of a giant explosion (Named the Big Bang)that our universe, and possibly others, were formed. The sun, the stars, moons, and planets came into existence because of a big "boom!" Including our earth. Then, there were humans, right? According to evolution, no. We just weren't formed out of dust and breathed into by God as the Bible states. No, we evolved. Say two fish have a child who's a little different: He has frog legs instead of fins. This process continues to happen, one generation after the other, and, after millions of years, humans come about. Wait...just...a...minute: Humans evolved from fish? Well, that's what evolutionists believe in. But I don't. I believe that God, in all his divine wisdom, made us just the way we are today when he created the universe. But those scientists stick to their beliefs very strongly. As for me and many other Christians, we stick to ours the same way. Strong. Firm. Not wavering of falling. For years, Christians and evolutionists have been at odds, each with their own theory. I firmly believe in God's Word and that what it says is true: God made us, he molded us, he breathed life into us, and he has called us his own. We are his, most know our true beginnings, we are all Children of God.

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