It's The (Fire)Pits

—by Nathan on June 30, 2008—

What's a great idea to do this summer? Use a fire pit. What's a great way to keep warm on colder days? A fire pit. And what do you think this blog's going to be about? You guessed it: A F-I-R-E P-I-T! What does that spell? FIRE PIT!! On Father's Day, that what my family got my dad as a gift (Along with marshmallows to roast and $20...Which wasn't for roasting). The next weekend, we grilled out. When we finished our hotdogs and hamburgers, we made s'mores over the pit. We all enjoyed ourselves as we snacked and talked (Sometimes at the same time) and we knew we had given my dad a wonderful gift. The next Saturday, the same scene occurred. This time; however, we had chicken as our main course. It was de-lic-ious. The s'mores were good, too. It's fun to be with family, chatting and eating and remembering. Besides, it's also outside, so we get some fresh air into our lungs (We also get smoke in there, too. But that's not good). I think that people who looking for at least possible way to be outside and with family should get a fire pit (It's also great for those people who like filling their stomachs with junk food...Not that I'm encouraging for you to do it for that reason only. But I am encouraging you to get one). It's fun, easy to build (Except when you lose the little pieces like nuts and bolts), and can be great to use in both summer and the colder months.

Remember: Don't get right up to or touch the fire. IT'S HOT AND DANGEROUS! (Duh)

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