Look, Up In The Sky... It's MOVIE MAN!

—by Nathan on October 20, 2009—

There are some good movies out there, and there are some pretty terrible films out there. But, sometimes, the director gets it right. Sometimes he/she captures the best angles, hires the most superb actors, and does an amazing job interpreting what the screenwriter has jotted down. Hero movies are no exception. Over the past decade, a multitude of movies based off of comics have been made. I like a lot of them, but there are some I wouldn't really want to watch more than one or two times. But I am going to stray from the terrible (After all, who wants to hear garbage about garbage?), and stick with the thrilling, the exciting, and the captivating. Ladies and gentlemen, please turn off all cellphones, and get ready to enjoy the show.

THE DARK KNIGHT: I have blogged about this movie before, but it's just SO GOOD! It may be one of my favorite flicks ever...but why? Let's peel back the dark and scary skin and look deeper at the heart of this film. Based upon the characters by DC Comics, the Dark Knight is the ultimate film adaptation of the enmity between Batman (played by Christian Bale) and the insane Joker (played by the deceased Heath Ledger). Gotham City has fallen under the Joker's terrifying grip and only the Caped Crusader can save the day. And the only way he can do that is by removing his hood, which would surely reveal his identity as Bruce Wayne. If he doesn't, people will die. What can the hero do? I liked this movie partially due to the amazing acting job done. Bale plays an amazing Batman by showing emotion with facial expressions, and Ledger is the best Joker I've seen yet. The small slur he puts in the villain's voice makes him seem power-hungry, and the laugh is hideously real. Very scary. The story is captivating, and subtly hints of humor are hidden among the violence and fear (Joker is the CLOWN PRINCE of Crime, after all). An amusing movie I would love to watch over and over again.

X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE: Of course. A movie about Wolverine. AGAIN. He's the main mutant, so why not? Movie goers have been waiting for years for this to happen, and they weren't disappointed. James Howlett-also called Logan- ran away from home after finding his mutant ability: Claws and a healing factor. As you would think of a guy with this type of power, he joins the army and fights alongside his brother, Victor. After Vietnam, they are recruited by a man named William Stryker and join his secret government group. Soon, Logan leaves and sets up a new life. The fighting is done...or is it? Victor has been going around, hunting down members of the team. Logan fights him, and gets beaten badly. Now, after receiving adamantium-bonding to his bones and claws, Logan, now called Wolverine, is ready to get back at his enemies. Hugh Jackman plays a fierce Wolverine, who's very face brings out the anger this mutant has been feeling for years. This is a good film that shows the best way possible the beginnings of one of Marvel's most successful heroes.

IRON MAN: Like WOLVERINE, this is a Marvel flick. Unlike WOLVERINE, it depicts a man who's heart is broken...and is granted a new one. Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr.) is the world's leading manufacturer in weapons. Rich, famous...he's got it all. Until he goes to Asia to test one of his weapons. Driving along somewhere, he gets hurt from the flying shrapnel from a missile. The prisoner of a group of warriors, he has to build a missile to help them. Yeah, right. With the help of another scientist named Yinsen, he creates armor to free them. Back at home in the States, Tony faces another problem. Bad press...and an old "friend" who now wishes to destroy him. But before this foe begins his dastardly plot, Tony upgrades his suit to destroy his own Iron Man! The watching of the suit being made and upgraded is fun, as well as the fight scenes. Yes, there was battling between enemies in Dark Knight and Wolverine, but Iron Man has the best battles of all three of them.

Super hero movies are really awesome, because it updates them from the 60's and brings brand new twists to origins, heroes, and villains. These three are some of the best, and I can't wait for Iron Man 2 and the Avengers! But now, I can enjoy watching the movies that have already been made. Face front, True Believer!

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