Perfect In Every Way

—by Nathan on May 8, 2008—

"Perfect In Every Way, huh?" you ask, "well, who does that apply to? Me?" Nope. "You?" Sorry, I got to say no. "How about Arnold Gleebocker Shmoig?" Well, I don't know if he's a real person, but if he WERE alive, I'd say this: NO WAY! "O.K.," you ask. "If you or I or Arnold Gleebocker Shmoig are not perfect, then who is?" Good question. No, no: GREAT question. And I have a great answer: God. Yep, it's right, ask any true Christian and he'll say the same. God is perfect in every way: Choices: He chose to save Noah, his family, and two of every animal. Sacrifice: He gave his only Son so that He would die for us. Building Designer: The home He's making in Heaven for Christians will be incomparable. It would take me a long time to describe only an iota of how perfect He is. It would be impossible for me to say it all. But it's true. God is perfect yesterday, today, and tomorrow, forever and ever.

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