—by Nathan on July 16, 2009—

Yesterday, on July 15th, I finished writing my first book, Ravenwood. This is a story I started at the end of January. At first, I figured that this story would flop like other tales I had began, but by the time I finished filling in the first journal, I was excited. I had never done that before! And so, Ravenwood kept unfolding and growing. Two journals...Now just got bigger! Once I completed journal number 5, I was really driven. I have a tendency to write out chapter titles in another notebook so that I know how the story will end. By time I completed writing yesterday, I must have changed titles four or five times! The book will be in two parts, each with twenty-plus chapters in each, plus a prologue and an epilogue for both parts. Here's the main idea behind Ravenwood:

Treewaif Goldenleaf, an Elf of Farongore Forest, is given the task of hiding the Book of the Ravenwood, an old tome containing lots of magic. He has to hide it from the evil Lord Riddle, who wants to use it to conquer the world. On his journey, he is joined by fellow Elf Cloak Daggertongue, orphan girl Raven Bellome, and man-wolf James Overcloud. He also faces dangerous enemies such as Sniffers (Creatures with long noses that, uh, SNIFF out magic), makes even more friends such as Ferod Thundercrown (another Elf), and makes difficult decisions (I'm not telling what, though). All this to hide a Book, THE Book. And what is each secret his friends possess?

Now that the writing is done, I'm going to have to type. It'll take longer, probably, because I love adding things everywhere. However, when I'm done, I hope to publish it. And since this is Book 1 in a trilogy, there will more to come after that. I can't wait! Oh, one more little thing. I HAVE to say a bit about my favorite character: Arrow

Arrow is from Hegon, a land possessed by Riddle. He's a renegade assassin that hopes to bring down both Riddle and his mysterious boss (Once again, I'm not telling who). A killing machine. Arrow is armed with a bow and knives, and can turn any object into a weapon. He will do anything and kill anyone who gets in the way of his quest. And why is he following the girl, the Elves, and the man-wolf? Is HE after the Book as well?

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