Red Fever

—by Nathan on May 1, 2009—

At the beginning of 2008 a new comics series, by writer of famous TV series "Lost" Jeph Loeb and artist Ed McGuinnes, hit the stands. The cover of issue 1 shows a very angry Hulk... and he's red! He makes his first appearance by fighting and killing the Hulk's greatest foe: The Abomination. During his crazy rampage, the Red Hulk (Lovingly called "Rulk") destroys S.H.E.I.L.D's brand-new Helicarrier, beats the crud out of She-Hulk and Iron Man, and faces A-bom, another Abomination (Who's a good guy). Oh, and get this: This guy isn't Bruce Banner. But just who is Rulk? No one knows for sure, but comic readers have guessed. So, let's line up the suspects, shall we?

In The Supporting Cast We Have...

DOC SAMSON: A psychiatrist, Samson disappeared when the big, red guy first came on the scene and wasn't spotted until many issues later. I'm not giving anything away, but it does seem highly suspicious...

GENERAL "THUNDERBOLT" ROSS: He hates the Hulk more than some of the green fellow's foes do, so that would make him a prime suspect. Rulk does want the Hulk's head. But then again, why would endow himself with gamma radiation to become something he wants to destroy?

Some Suggestions:

MADMAN: This was mine and my father's idea. If Madman can shape-shift into any form he desires, why not an evil Hulk? He also has super-strengh, and hates the Hulk. He's been in only a few issues, and this would be a great time to bring him back.

ALTERNATE: Could this Hulk from another universe? Yes, there are other universes in Marvel, like the Ultimates. Rulk could be from there. Or, he could be from another place, like one where he's a barbaric ruffian who despises our world's Hulk's heroism and wants to destroy him. The possibilities are endless!

There are many ideas of who the Red Hulk could be. Yet there's only one answer... and Jeph Loeb may be the only who knows it. Finally, in a few years time perhaps, the world will find out who the Rulk is.

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