—by Nathan on April 12, 2009—

Our family have been having some roof problems over the past week or so, and it is official that we are getting a new roof. This big change for our house is going to require some sacrifices on all of our parts so that we can save money in order to pay the cost. We plan on visiting Disney World when we take our annual to trip to Florida this year, and we DO NOT want to cancel that! Imagine all the tears! So, my parents, sisters, and I have thought up a couple of not-so terrible ways to save dough for this drastic decision.

OIL: One idea is to save on gas. We go to the library once every week, but we could limit our visit to once every two weeks. That's not too bad. Also, I go to a junior high every Monday nights, and that would be hard for me to miss a week just because it's so fun to be with Christan friends and influences. But, I would be willing to sacrifice my fun for our sake. Oil doesn't cost too much, but with all the driving we do, money goes down the drain fast.

FOOD: We like to eat. We have three square meals a day and usually one snack between a day. We may have to start stopping. Not just for the money, but for health as well. Every Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday we have a bowl of Slurry (Check out the blog "The History of Slurry" to learn of this tasty breakfast food's origin and recipe). The cost of graham crackers isn't really a necessary expense, so if we could do it less, the better. Eating out is another thing. Not just for special occasions, but unless we need to be somewhere, and my mom can't scrape something together fast enough. Heck, I can scrape up something, so that eliminates that pleasure for the most part.

GARAGE SALE: We don't just have to save money, we can make it too! There's tons of stuff that we don't need that just gathers dust in our crawlspace. We can dig up those materials, lay out a nice setup on the driveway, and put reasonable prices on them. Then, we can get more cash and, possibly, make less sacrifices.

This isn't easy. If we have to go down one, or many, of these paths, it may be hard. Probably will. But, we're a family. We're the Cool Kiehn Clan. We can get through this trial together with ease and without complaining (That may be a little bit difficult for me if it comes to selling my stuff. I hope it doesn't). But we know that this is a part of God's plan... it's a sort of a test. A test that pits our attitudes against the forces of the economy. And we will pass with flying colors, by the skin of our teeth, or not at all. And we all wish to pass, we all want to win, and we all need to make a few sacrifices.

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