Six Hours One Friday

—by Nathan on July 25, 2010—

The title above is also the title of book written by Max Lucado. On Good Friday, Jesus's crucifixion lasted six hours, and became the most important six hours of the entire human history. These hours show that, because of Jesus's death, we have purpose in life, that our mistakes are forgiven, and that we are given a gift that extends beyond death. To God, we are more than people. We are His treasured gifts that He created for His purposes. To God, our mistakes are nothing. He forgave them 2000 years ago. To God, death is a celebration. It's a passageway that will eventually lead up to Heaven's doorstep. Lucado makes some very good points regarding these statements in this book and shows how to accept those six hours.

"My Life Is Not Futile": Many people believe that life's meaning has been drained out of them. Imagine that you're a very successful businessman. You have a nice house, a wonderful spouse, and obedient kids. Suddenly, it all goes downhill. Your business goes bankrupt, you're evicted from your house, your partner leaves you, taking the kids, who have become utter terrors. Granted, this situation seems like a bit of a stretch, but is shows that life can go from very good to very bad quickly. We can go from energized to weary in an instant. However, there is a place where we can get rest, where we can get escape from our problems for a time. God extends His arms, gives us peace and rest, tell us that we mean something to Him. Our lives are not futile, because, no matter what the world thinks of us, it's only what God think of us that matters. And He's always thinking the best of you, me, and the rest of the world.

"My Failures Are Not Fatal": We all make mistakes. It's a flaw in our programming, a part of human nature. From time to time, we hit speed bumps. Sometimes, our failures are small. Sometimes, they can be on a larger scale. But no matter the size, it makes us feel bad. We make a mistake, then fall into a "This-Is-The-End-Of-The-World" attitude that makes us walk like we have the world on our shoulders. Stop. No failure is too big for God to fix. 2000 years ago, one man was nailed to a cross upon "the Skull". He took all our sins, all our shame, all our failures upon his arms and died for them. Yours sins are forgiven. Your failures are forgotten. Jesus drank the cup of your mistakes. That burden you have been carrying? Guess what? Thanks to Jesus, you can drop it. It doesn't have to be a burden anymore. You're free.

"My Death Is Not Final": It'll happen sooner or later. We'll all face the Reaper and his scythe. It's inevitable. Ever since Adam and Eve ate the fruit, death has been the final consequence that has plagued humanity. No matter how good you are, no matter how well you live, you will die. But that shouldn't matter. What should is what happens afterward. But first, take a look at death itself. If you're a Christian, you know where you're headed when you die. The people you know and love may as well. If that's the case, death should be a celebration. Yes, it sounds odd, but its' true. Imagine, if you're a Christian, you get to go to heaven when you die. You get to be with God for eternity. Now, if that's not a reason to celebrate, then I don't know what is! And heaven comes after death. Because of Jesus, we have all been given an invitation to be with the Father. Through his death, we have life. It's a gift we have been handed. And with every good gift, it needs to be opened. Don't wait. The next chance you get may just be your last.

Six hours on Friday. Six normal hours turned extraordinary. Jesus's death and resurrection ushered in the best gifts we could get. First, a gift of acceptance. Through him, we can know that our lives are not meaningless. They are special to the One who created us, the One who gave us life. In Him, we are somebody. Second, Jesus gave us the gift of forgiveness. He took upon all our sins when he was nailed that cross. Because of his sacrifice, our sins are forgiven, our mistakes and impurities are washed away, and we are redeemed. Third, and finally (but not the least), we were given a chance to go to heaven. Jesus gave us Heaven's calling card. All we gotta do is call up God and ask. Our names will be written into the Book of Life. And God will be there waiting for us. Is six hours of pain of death really worth an eternity in heaven? Heh. Do I really have to ask that question?

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