Six Ways On How To Quickly Get Cash In Your Pocket

—by Nathan on July 10, 2008—

I like to spend money... a lot... and lots of it. That's a weakness of mine. I want something RIGHT NOW, but I have to save up. But it takes SOOO long! Especially for a kid who only gets a dollar a week for allowance. What should I do? Are my parents just going to give me fistfuls of money and say, "Here's the cash, use it wisely" if I beg long enough? OF COURSE NOT! They'd be completely nuts to do that! So, my dad has designed a couple of ways for me to earn my own bucks:

  1. Blogging: Since I like writing, it's something I should do. Blogging is a form of writing. But I didn't do it much, so my dad had to persuade me: I get 50 cents (Now upped to one dollar) for every blog I do. The maximum number of blogs I can do is three. So, I get three bucks a week usually.
  2. Scratch: Scratch is a program on our PC that's introduces computer programing. Though that's not what I want to do when I grow up, I still enjoy messing around with it. For every hour I "play" on Scratch, I get 50 cents. 4 hours is the max. There's another two Washingtons. Cha-Ching!
  3. Exercise: Well, you know what they say: No pain, no gain. It's not as fun as the two ways above, but money's money. If, by the end of the summer, I can do 15 pull-ups, I'll get that many smackaroos. And, if I do 20 push-ups by the same date, I'll get ten dollars (Not to mention sore arms from both).

As well as my father's brilliant ideas, there are multiple other ways to get money. For instance...

  1. Mowing/Raking/Shoveling Business: "Step right up folks, because 'Nater's Rakers' is officially open!" Now there's a plan: Rake, mow, and shovel people's driveways, porches, and yards. Yes, it's work, and work is boring. But it may get me cash. And, if Anna helps, the job will get done faster. Sure, I'd have to pay her a part of the profit, but the more yards I'd do, the more green I rake in, right?
  2. Drink Stand: "Lemonade, lemonade, get your ice cold lemonade! Only $2.00 per glass!" Yes, the lemonade stand has been done before, but what if I IMPROVED it? What if I sold lemonade, orange juice, AND apple juice? Nifty, right? Creative, right? Makes you thirsty, right? Well, sorry, I don't have any on me right now, but I DO have one more idea...
  3. Garage Sale: Ready to get rid of that dusty, cob-webbed, rat-infested junk in your attic? Then have a garage sale! You can sell old books, used toys, even your grandmother's cuckoo cloak that drives you insane every time it goes off. Mark up the prices, set it up, make friendly signs ("Come In Right Now... Or Else!"), and have a ball.

You may think of other ideas yourself, these aren't the only ways you can use in order to make money. Brainstorm. Be imaginative. Take the brain you were given and use it. That's what its for. If you do, you might find yourself "In The Money".

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