Spider-Man Can Do His Own Stunts

—by Nathan on April 20, 2009—

During the past 50 years, many people have enjoyed reading the well-known Marvel Comics and their heroes, such as the Amazing Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, the Invincible Iron Man, and the Fantastic Four. But it's only been recently that Marvel has embraced the movie screens and an audience of all ages. Since the beginning of the 21st century, Marvel, in association with other movie companies, has put out multiple flicks that twist the origins, villains, and characters of everyone's favorite costumed super-heroes, such as Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: The birth of a legend. After being bit by a radioactive arachnid, high-school student Peter Parker is granted the "proportionate speed, strength, and agility of a spider". He puts his new talents to use, becoming a wrestler. But after his uncle is murdered, Peter learns that "with great power, there is also great responsibility." He becomes the heroic Spider-Man ("You got the name wrong! It's the HUMAN SPIDER!") and begins his career of swinging through the city, battling criminals, and taking his own picture to make some cash (Come on, does battling the Green Goblin earn you dough? I don't think so).

Spider-Man 2: When a lab experiment goes terribly wrong, scientist Otto Octavius becomes the insane DOCTOR OCTOPUS! With his tentacle-like "helping hands" fused to his back, he is four times as powerful. Bad news for Spidey. Luckily, he's got guts and courage on his side. Yet, he still has to stop's Doc Ock's mad scheme of destroying New York. Also, what can he do when he's unmasked?

Spider-Man 3: The Webbed Wonder is faced with his biggest problems yet: A villain with the power of a desert sandstorm, a symbiotic alien trying to take him over, and an angry friend who wants vengeance on him. As the Black Spider-Man he's more powerful, but also more aggressive. The Wall-Crawler must get rid of this costume before it bonds to him...permanently!

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