Starring Vic Morrow

—by Scott on November 3, 2008—

The title of this blog is a phrase that I remember from my youth. It comes from the Combat! television series which ran from 1962 - 1967 and is about an American platoon of soldiers in World War II France. Although I was probably to young to remember the series at that time, I believe I caught the reruns years later. The phrase "Starring Vic Morrow" is the one prominent thing that I seem to remember from the series as it was said during the opening credits to the show. I do not know if it is a correct statement, but I believe anyone else who routinely watched the show probably knows what I am talking about. The other name that is mentioned is Rick Jason, but I do not seem to have remembered him.

Well the phrase "Starring Vic Morrow" has been routinely heard in our home for the past week as my whole family seems to have re-discovered the old show. Several years ago I received as a gift a DVD of Combat! season #1. I had previously watched several shows, but in this last week my son and I started watching an episode and were joined by the three ladies of the family as well. Now we all are becoming Combat! junkies as we have watched at least 2 episodes on 3 different nights. Watching the shows has surprised me as I have found them to be very good quality stories and it has given my wife and me an opportunity to explain to our children the events of World War II.

Although the shows are not intended to be comedies, I would have to say there was one moment for a good laugh. The episode that provided the chuckle was one which involved the character played by Rick Jason being trapped under rubble next to an unexploded bomb while a nerve-racked British bomb disposal officer tried to disarm the bomb. At the high point of disarming suspension, I could not help myself and gave a loud yell, which startled everyone in the family. Of course I laughed at the reaction and being the good natured family that we are the others laughed too. Well, actually the little one cried. Oops.

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