The Acts of J.O.Y.

—by Nathan on June 10, 2008—

J.O.Y. is an acronym that stands for Jesus, Others, You. This means we should put God's interests first, then other people's, and finally, our own (The reason it's not God, Others, You is because G.O.Y is not a word, joy is). This also sums up what Jesus said the first and greatest commandment was: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and soul, and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself." (Matthew 12:30-31) Now don't get me wrong: God isn't putting Himself before us so that he can be thought of first. He does that because He knows that we should honor our Creator before man. Did Gandhi make the world? Did Donald Trump die for our sins on a cross on a hill? NO! So, shouldn't that honor and glory go to Him who is able to do all those things and more? YES! Now, for others. Let's say you see an older woman struggling with a shopping cart, or a man who forgot his ticket to the If You Don't Come You Can Never Come Again concert. What would do? Would you help the lady, EVEN THOUGH you want to get in line for the very rare, quickly vanishing new game counsel? Would you give the man your ticket, EVEN THOUGH you would miss the super cool concert? Would you? God wishes us to live kind, un-selfish lives. If we do, we'll be rewarded in Heaven and also feel good for doing what's right.

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