The Elf on the Shelf

—by Nathan on December 25, 2008—

A Drummer Boy Gift By gator

Mimal the elf stared down at the boy with his bright, blue eyes. The boy, Bobby, was kneeling by his bedside, hands clasped and eyes closed. "Dear Lord," he began to pray, "This year has been hard on my mom, and I want to give her something special for Christmas. But I don't have much money, Christmas is in two days, and I also can't think of anything to give. Please shed some light on what I could do to make my mom happy this season, because I want to see her smile again."

Despite the fact that he had to be still, Mimal had to grin. Bobby's wish was very thoughtful and nice... perhaps he could so something to help the child.

Later, when the boy was asleep, the small elf sped to the house's roof and blew long and hard on a little, silver whistle he had in his pocket. Instantly, a reindeer shot out from the sky and slid to a stop. As Santa's helper climbed on his back, the animal greeted him, "Hello Mimal."

"Hello Horace. Let's go."

Soon, Mimal stood before a giant of a man, both fat and old with a twinkle in his eyes. "So, my friend," the man patted his chubby stomach, "what news do you bring me of young Bobby Baran?"

Mimal told the tale of the boy's prayer and how the elf wanted to help.

Santa was very thoughtful for a few minutes, stroking his snow-white beard. "Seems to me," he said at last, "that I can't do anything."

"What?" Mimal burst out in shock, "Why not?"

"Because," the old man continued, "he didn't ask for my help." He smiled, "The boy may not realize it, but his prayer was answered before he uttered it."

"How?" Santa's helper raised a suspicious eyebrow.

"I've been talking to a certain Friend," came the reply, "and He already knew about this situation before you even told me, Mimal. Now listen."

* * *

Bobby Baran awoke the next morning, it was Christmas Eve. With a heavy heart, he watched his mother trudge from their house to her job at the wool factory. After she was out of view, he sighed. Poor mom, he thought sadly, she does so much and I can't even repay her a bit.

Meanwhile, up in the boy's room, Mimal was putting a plan into action. He had thought of it while flying home on Horace the night before. Gripping as many sheets of notebook paper as he could, Mimal dragged them from the dresser unto Bobby's bed. Next, he grabbed a pencil and threw it onto the paper. Hearing approaching footsteps, Mimal scampered back to his perch.

The bedroom door creaked open and Bobby slowly made his way to his bed. Spying the paper and pencil, the boy turned his head and stared up at Mimal. As their eyes met, a smile appeared on Bobby's lips, and he sat, taking the sheets and pencil in hand. The elf grinned. His plan had worked.

* * *

It was Christmas. Snow fell to the ground and formed little white mounds on the covered grass. Lights were strung and lit on each house and warm smells floated from many. Inside the Baran home, a fire roared, warming the mother and son sitting in front of it. Since a tree couldn't be bought, the scant amount of presents - namely two - sat in front of the burning hearth. Soft music played from a radio, giving the room light and atmosphere.

Mimal sat on a bookshelf, staring happily down upon the little family. Bobby opened his gift first. It was a book, the very one he had asked for, and a few journals. Thanking his mother, he sat back to watch her open his present to her. As she pulled out the few sheets of paper and read them, a large smile came over her face, followed by tears of joy. Hugging her son, she stroked his head over and over and whispered, "Thank you." Bobby also felt tears wet his face. He had made his mother smile, and that was better than any gift he could have given.

* * *

Note: Below is the gift Bobby gave his mother. It's a poem. Since his mom is fictional, this is dedicated to my mother:


Your eyes are crystals,
Fitted with beautiful light,
Your heart is golden,
So you love me with all your might,

You teach me and help me,
Even when times are rough,
You are the heart of this family,
And to me that is enough,

To know you love, to know you care,
To know that when I need you, you'll be there,
To know that you'll keep me, even when I am wrong,
To know that you are my wonderful Mom.

Your hands are solid,
And you tightly hold me,
Your feet are sturdy,
Planted like a tree,

When you glorify God,
Your face really does glow,
And all of your hard work,
Just goes to show,

To know you love, to know you care,
To know that when I need you, you'll be there,
To know that you'll keep me, even when I am wrong,
To know that you are my wonderful Mom.

Merry Christmas, Mom, I Love You.

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