The Legend Of Spider-Man

—by Nathan on October 5, 2008—

Four decades ago (when my parents were children), a man by the name of Stan Lee created one of his many famous heroes: Spider-Man. For over four decades, he has fought countless enemies, saved hundreds of innocents, and protected New York daily. Also, he is my favorite super-hero and Marvel's flagship character. Here is some information that you may not know about him:

ORIGIN: High school student Peter Parker was on a field trip when he got bitten by a radioactive arachnid. Deciding to cash in on his new talents of wall-crawling, spider-strength, and spider-sense, Peter became Spider-Man, winning cash prizes and focusing on only numero uno: Himself. One night, he had the chance to stop a robber, but didn't. Later, he found out someone had killed his beloved Uncle Ben. Hunting down the killer, Peter caught him and saw that it was the same burglar who he hadn't stopped. With that, Peter learned that "with great power come great responsibility". And so, Spider-Man became a hero, protecting New York.

VILLAINS: For more than forty years, Spidey has faced the forces of evil time and time again. His arch-foe is the Green Goblin, his greatest villain. He is also the first evildoer to learn the hero's identity. Another enemy is Venom, a symbiotic partnership between Eddie Brock (An ex-reporter) plus a black alien. They also know who the Wall-Crawler really is and are a constant threat to him and his friends.

LEGACY: Ever since his debut in Amazing Fantasy 15, Spider-Man has been in more then 500 comics, has had toys, movies, and video games made about him, and has been an icon for two generations. Spider-Man is an amazing hero.

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