The Movies of Mr. M Night

—by Nathan on August 19, 2009—

Over the past few weeks, my dad and I watched a few of the movies written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. These movies are very amusing to watch, but are very tense at certain moments. Do you like movies that have you at the edge of your seat, movies that have you wondering about what will happen next? Then you should really watch these. What is also interesting is that M. Night sometimes appears in his own movies. If you ever watch his pictures, look for an Indian, middle-aged man. Here are the flicks my dad and I viewed:

Lady In The Water: One night, an apartment owner (played by Paul Giamatti) hears a splash from his pool and goes to investigate. While looking for any signs of life, he slips on slick ground, knocks himself out, and falls into his pool. He is saved by a water-nymph named Story (Bryce Dallas Howard) who is trying to get back to her own home, the Blue World. However, these wolf-like creatures that are covered in moss are trying to stop her. It's up to the owner, and many other people who live in his building, to help Story get home before these evil monsters get her. Can they accomplish this feat? Or is Story doomed?

Unbreakable: Every passenger on a train dies when it one man (Bruce Willis). Somehow, he survived. He doesn't even have a broken bone or a scratch. How? Why? He is contacted by another man (Samuel L Jackson) who seems to be his very opposite: He's like a china pot. Very fragile, breaks easily. In fact, his nickname is "Mr. Glass". He seems to think Bruce Willis's character is some sort of superhero. As the story unfolds, so do Bruce's powers, and just what he will do with them. He is a force to be reckoned with, and couldn't he very easily use his powers for evil as well as good?

The Village: Bryce Dallas Howard returns as a blind girl in a village of fear. The small community is in the 19th century, and everyone fears Those-We-Don't-Speak-Of, evil beings who live in the forest that borders the village. The creatures and humans have a pact that says the beasts can't go into the village, but the humans can't go into the wood. It seems that, if a man or woman breaks that promise, so can the beasts. When her fiance is stabbed by a mentally problematic villager, Bryce has to go into the forest to the towns, where she can get medicine that could heal her fiance. But, what about Those-We-Don't-Speak-Of? She is in their territory now, and she's blind. How can she protect herself?

Signs: This is the most recent movie my father and I watched. It's about an ex-pastor (Mel Gibson) who left the cloth when his wife was killed in a car accident. Now, he just has his brother and children to comfort him and help run his farm. Yet, strange thing have been happening. His dogs act strangely, he's sighted weird people skulking around his property, and giant crop circles have appeared in his land. These circles have appeared around the world, and strange lights are in the sky. One word is in everyone's mind: ALIENS! And they're right. Beings from a distant planet have come to Earth. But why? To take us as slaves? To just wipe us from existence? As the world deals with this out-of-the-world menace, Mel must battle his own problems. Except, that's hard to do when the entire world's in terrible danger, now isn't it?

These movies are very well-written and have many excellent actors. M Night Shyamalan does a very neat job with these movies, especially with story-telling. I don't know why he's so good at what he does. Maybe's he's got a sixth sense or something...

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