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—by Nathan on March 10, 2011—

Christopher Nolan is possibly one of my favorite directors/screenwriters/producers. There are a couple reasons why I like his extraordinary movies, but there is probably one reason over all: Story. He is just a wonderful storyteller, and, as a writer, I can respect the imagination and talents of a fellow writer. His mind can create very vivid and enjoyable stories, which, when coupled with great acting and special effects, can become big screen productions notable of mentioning. I've seen four of his movies, and I will tell their stories and why I like them here.

BATMAN BEGINS: Batman Begins sparked a 21st-Century relaunch of the DC Comics' Dark Knight Detective. It also happens that Batman is my favorite DC superhero. The story is that Bruce Wayne (played by Christian Bale), the son of slain billionaires Thomas and Martha Wayne, becomes the caped vigilante Batman in order to protect Gotham City from evil, such as mobs and the newest menace to rise Scarecrow. Though movies depicting origins of heroes aren't always the best, Batman stuck fairly well to the the comic storyline while doing a good job of placing Batman into our century. This is a good movie because, well, I love superheroes. Though DC is not my favorite comics publisher, they and Christopher Nolan did a good job in relaunching this hero. Personally, I think the older 90s movies aren't the best, especially the last two, Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. I think, after those two, this is a good way to reintroduce Batman to a new generation of viewers.

THE DARK KNIGHT: Okay, I probably don't have to include this movie in the list, because I've mentioned it in other blogs. But, I will, because it's a Christopher Nolan film. Again, this is a DC movie, but it's my favorite. The storyline pits Batman against his arch-nemesis, the Joker (played by Heath Ledger), who is going on a spree of murder and terrorism to fulfill his obligation to mobs in killing the Batman. However, in order to rein Batman in, he plays the game his own way...and it leads to twisted and dark results. Batman and others have to resist being pushed over the edge by this maniac. But certain people can last so long. This movie is spectacular because of the story and the acting. Nolan uses great talent in painting this grim picture. Though it is dark, the movie has a story that, I believe, reaches a depth I rarely see in other movies. Nolan is able to express the inner feelings of four main characters in this flick. The story of Batman may be good, but Nolan came up with a killer of a story with the Dark Knight (no pun intended).

THE PRESTIGE: This movie came after Batman Begins and before the Dark Knight, and I hadn't even heard of it until I saw it at a friend's house. The story is as follows: Two magicians (played by Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman) used to be good friends, but a heart-wrenching accident causes them to go their separate ways and become bitter rivals. Over the course of the movie, they try to upstage each other by improving on a certain trick. The interesting part of the story is the fact that most of the story is set in the past as a flashback as Christian Bale is reading Hugh Jackman's diary. Jackman, from what Bale reads, is reading Bale's diary as well! Through these, the two find out each other's secrets...some of which should remain secret. When parterned with a shocker of an ending that made my jaw drop, the Prestige is a wonderful web of deception, mysteries, and magic. Though not my favorite Nolan film, it is a very good story with twists throughout.

INCEPTION: The title says it all. This is Nolan's newest film, released in 2010, and it is a stunner. With great visual effects and a masterfully-weaved storyline, Inception is up there as my second favorite movie by Nolan. The only thing is that it can be confusing and required a lot of pausing so details could be sifted through and sorted out. Despite the fact that there are still parts I can't wrap my finger around, it is a very good film. Here is the story, as simply as I can put it. Dom Cobb (played by Leonardo Dicaprio) is the leader of a group of people who steals secrets from people's minds. With his group of highly talented agents, he sneaks into the mind and finds whatever secret piece of information he requires for his employers. Here is where it gets confusing. Cobb's people make a sort of world inside the person's brain, full of subconscious constructs. The architect of the world can reshape it at their will, but these constructs will get agitated if the architect changes too much. That's part of the danger. Anyway, Cobb and his crew are hired to plant a thought in the mind of an heir to a wealthy company. Another problem? Cobb's deceased wife, Mal, keeps appearing on missions, a liability the crew does not want to deal with. As the mvoie goes on, aspects are found out about Cobb's mysterious life...and wife. This is a thrill-a-minute film that, while may be hard to grasp at points, offers intense action, a creative storyline, and an ending that leaves you wondering what reality really is in the movie.

As said before, Nolan is a very creative man who has been given great talents by God. Whether he recognizes this or not, I hope to be one of many to enjoy older mvoies he's done and the other movies he hopefully puts out in the years to come. Batman Begins. The Dark Knight. The Prestige. And Inception. Clever, fun films that I really enjoy. They all have no thing in common, other than the fact that they have the same director. Story. Thay all have very well-written tales. Christopher Nolan is an exceptional (or "inceptional") writer, and that is the main reason why I have come to love his films.

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