The New Batman

—by Nathan on December 16, 2008—

The two newest Batman movies are amazing, and are (in my mind) close to the level of the Marvel movies (which I absolutely love). DC has done a great job re-introducing The Dark Knight and his enemies to the new generation and, at the same time, keeping in mind those who are older and read the old comics when they were young.


The first of the latest flicks, this movie shows the origin of one earliest caped heroes in comics. The story is like the comic: At a young age, Bruce Wayne witnessed the shocking murder of his beloved parents. Dedicating himself to fighting crime, an adult Bruce leaves Gotham, winds up in jail, and finds himself at the home of the League of Shadows. That is were he meets the mysterious Ras' Al Ghul and begins his training in martial arts with a League member, Duncan. A while later, Bruce refuses to execute a man and is suddenly in deadly combat with Mr. Ghul. At the end of the battle, Ras is dead and Bruce soon returns to Gotham, this time as the hero they need.

Batman's city is full of corruption and evil, and a certain Doctor Crane wants to heighten the level of fear. Working for a mysterious employer, Crane becomes the Scarecrow, using his fear gas to scare "talkers", as captured men of a gang working for his boss may be called. Soon, Crane's employer arrives, and the plan soon commences: Fill Gotham with fear and watch it tear itself apart. Batman, of course, stops them, but not before finding out that Crane's employer is Ras Al Ghul! How is this possible? I am not telling.


After Batman appears, the crooks of Gotham are scared, but not the Joker! His plan? Test the people of the city... with fear. But, unlike the Scarecrow, the Clown Prince Of Crime doesn't use gas, he has weaponry at his disposal. As Batman tries and hunt the Joker down, death comes like a plague on Gotham. The people are scared, they don't know who will face the grave next. Luckily, their fears are relieved by the Dark Knight, as he swoops down to try and defeat evil... and the Joker.

Both my Dad and I agree that, although the flick title is one of the best known terms for the Batman, this movie focuses more on his arch-enemy. The Joker wishes to scare the plain folk and also the city's crime lords. Whoever stands up to him usually is next on his hit list. That's where Batman comes in: He wants to halt his foe's spree. I won't give away the ending, but the Clown Prince Of Crime finds a man who is a threat to him, but, surprisingly, isn't scared of the Dark Knight.

Both "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight" are really good movies. I, however, would like to warn parents before allowing their children to see them. Some of the content is really frightening (more so in the second movie). None-the-less, these are very cool and well-made movies, and I can't wait for the third to come out... if there will be one.

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