The Summer Of 2008

—by Nathan on August 20, 2008—

The summer of '08 started with the end of school. It shall end with the beginning of school, just the opposite. But the days from May 23rd to today (August 20th) have been a summer of ups and downs, a summer of happiness and sadness, a summer to remember...


A Trip To Florida: For the past five years, my family and I have gone to Florida, usually after the last day of school, to visit my grandparents. They live in a building right behind the ocean, so it's really fun to go down to the beach and swim and hunt for seashells. We also went out to eat, my parents took us to a park and a swamp, and I accompanied my father to a movie. It was an enjoyable trip (as always). My grandparents were excellent hosts, the food we ate was delicious, and the time was fun and wonderful.

A Family Reunion: Near the end of the summer, we went to my great-aunt's and uncle's house by a lake for the E.L.F (Elliott, Loveall, and Falk) reunion. It was interesting to get together with relatives we only see about once every year and those who we see monthly or weekly. My great uncle owns a boat, so my dad, some of my cousins, other family members and I went for a ride on the lake.

Olympics: Starting on August 8th, The Olympics are taking place in Beijing, China. It is an event I love to watch and do so whenever I can (It only comes on every four years - why wouldn't I?). For those of you who don't watch it or even turn on your TV, the Olympics include sports such as swimming, diving, gymnastics, beach volleyball, running, and much more.


I believe only one really bad thing happened during the summer. There may have been more, but this is just me:

My Grandma: On Thursday, July 17th, My grandmother (My dad's mom) fell while getting out of her car, breaking her hip and right shoulder. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance, and stayed there until she passed away on Wednesday, July 23rd. During that time, my parents, grandpa, uncles and aunts visited her. The wake took place the following Sunday, from 3pm to 9pm. The next day was the funeral, in which my dad read a beautifully prepared and touching speech, probably the best I've ever heard. After the service, my father, two of my cousins, three of my uncles, and I carried the closed casket to the Hearse, a car specially designed to carry caskets. We drove to the grave site, where a pastor gave a little speech and my sister and younger cousin read Psalm 23.

So, as the summer ends, my family and I can remember all that has happened these past couple of months. We can laugh and cry and smile and frown. School's knocking on our door, but this summer will never be forgotten.

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