The Summer of 2009

—by Nathan on August 18, 2009—

Today begins the first day of the last week of the winter vacation. Oh, no wait: SUMMER vacation. Sorry, with all the bad weather we've been having, I forgot what season it was. It is also my sister's 6th birthday. Happy Birthday, Abigail! In a week from yesterday, Monday, our family will be starting school (Gator cringes and gags). But, hey, it won't be all bad...I hope. Anyway, these few, fleeting months have been a summer of firsts for me. That is why I would like to touch on the happy and not-so-happy moments of the winter...I mean summer:


Disney: This summer we were privileged to be able to go to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Driving through the big gate was SO exiting. The land that all the parks are on is HUGE! Did you know that there are these tunnels that Cast Members use to get around the parks? These tunnels under the parks are at ground level. The parks themselves are, like, 14 feet above ground! Well, we were pumped and ready to go. My favorite park had to be Hollywood Studios (originally MGM Studios) because it had my favorite ride: The Rockin' Roller Coaster. At the start you are blasted off at 60 mph and then traverse the twisted track as you do corckscrews, loops, and the like. Very fun ride (For you rock stars out there: "It was wicked-awesome, dude!I was, like, totally stoked").

Ravenwood: What is Ravenwood? It is the title of my first book that I finished this year on the 15th of July. I had a blast writing this tale, and I loved crafting my heroes and villains, describing my castles and other bastions, and adding twists that changed up the story. I can't wait to finish typing it up and publish it. Oh, yeah..."typing it up". That might take a bit, mostly because I love adding different characters and plot-changes to the original story. I am seriously going to have to compare notes when I'm done!

Those are only major things we did. Our family also celebrated birthdays, went on walks, picnics, and bikerides, and enjoyed our spare time with friends.

THE BAD: Nothing super terrible happened to us, save one thing:

Ouch!: On the day after Father's Day, my dad had to inspect someone's ATP system. He knocked on the house's door to see if anyone was home. Nobody answered. He went around the fence and tapped and whistled to see if there was a dog around. Same response. So, my dad went through a gate in the fence and began his task. All of a sudden, he was up and running from a...Oh, no... he was trying to run from a pit-bull that had appeared out of nowhere. He tried to hop the fence, but the dog bit him and he brought down the fence. He just lay on the ground, expecting the mutt to re-attack. However, the dog didn't do anything and my dad jumped up and ran down the block, just wanting to get away from that house. He held his right forearm firmly, which was bleeding because the pit-bull had bitten him. But, don't worry. He's fine now. He had to get stitches, but we can see a scar where the teeth had punctured his skin. A scar to us, perhaps, but a memory to him.

So, through all the good and bad, I'd have to say this summer was very fun and enjoyable for us. I just hope that the coming school year, and the next summer, are just as magical.

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