The Ultimate Super Hero!

—by Nathan on June 7, 2008—

Spider-Man, Superman, Batman. They all have one thing in common: They're super heroes! And what do super heroes do? Save you from the bad guys! But can they even save you from the forces of Anger, Jealousy, Envy? No. Then who can? Who can stop these villains from bringing me over to the side of evil? Who? Who? WHO? O.K., O.K., since you're dying to find out (And I'm tired of acting like a damsel in distress), I'll tell you: GOD! Yep, and He's got the greatest super power of all. It's not abnormal strength, it's not the ability to fire webbing, it's not even super speed or invisibility. It's not a power that ANY hero has: It's the Bible. That's right. It's a volume of 66 books that tell of creation, slavery, freedom, prophecies, and much more. So, what does He do with it? Whack evil on the head? No, my friends, He doesn't do that. He gives it to us, his sidekicks and messengers, to go and tell others. Unlike other heroes; however, He doesn't resort to violence when the going gets tough. He sticks to love, kindness, and compassion to thwart whatever devious plots and cruel schemes that churn in the dark mind of the ultimate villain: Satan. No matter how many times he's defeated, The Prince of Earth will keep trying, planing. He will keep twisting and turning hearts of men and women to do his bidding. But God will always be there to make sure he never succeeds, for, if comics are correct, the good guys always win.

—Tags: Christian

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