The Wii Weight Plan

—by Nathan on September 19, 2008—

The name of the game is "Wii Fit". The idea is to lose weight while having fun (Genius!). The game comes with a Wii Fit Board, a device that knows when you add extra weight to the left or right side (Once again: GENIUS!). You use this board to take the Wii Fit Test: This finds, first, whether your weight is healthy or not and, secondly, your Wii Fit age (This tells you what age you'll be when you're fit: The lower the better). The Board is your guide, adding quips ("Do you find yourself tripping when you walk?") Then, you have to set a goal for yourself: How much wait do you want to lose in a week? A month? How about a year? 2 pounds? 5? 0? Hey, why not try and GAIN a few pounds? That would be something! After you take the Test, use the Board to play Balance Games, do yoga and Aerobics, and take strength tests. Games in these sections include Jogging, Tightrope Walking, Ski Jump, and Hula-Hoops. You can do a Test each day and try to lower your age. Also, once you reach your goal, you can set a new one. Continue doing this until, either, you want to stop losing weight (Which you'll have to do sooner or later), or you just get plain "board" playing the game.

My family and I REALLY enjoy this game. Wii Fit is not only for Weight Watchers and Weight Losers, but for anyone who just wants a fun, decent workout.

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