The World Of Wii

—by Nathan on July 8, 2008—

Wii is Nintendo's newest game system and was released Winter 2006. Since then, its become a phenomenon. The Wii is chock full of new installments that other systems don't have:

The Wii Remote (aka "Wiimote"): Sure there's been wireless controllers in the past, but can they be whipped around without the danger of being launched because of a poor grip? I don't think so. The Wii remote also allows the player to do what other controllers couldn't. Here's an example: A Playstation or Xbox controller. Let's say you're playing a baseball game, and the pitcher throws a fastball. You press a button, the bat swings, home run. Yet the Wii remote invites you into the action: You swing the remote, the bat swings, home run. Same thing with pitching. Swing the Wiimote, throw the ball, strike three, YOU'RE OUT!

The Mii Channel: How does one create a virtual representation of his or herself? Simple. Give him or her eyes, ears, a nose, and a mouth, plus other parts that are available. Yes, this can done on a computer as well (And just as good), but the Wii gives it a whole new feel. Want a beard? Choose between different types and colors. Want to change your size and height? Slide bars side to side to find the perfect fit. Want to look like your favorite actor/actress or singer? You can do that too (Though it may not be perfect)! The Mii Channel is also a great place for imagination. Don't just make yourself and your friends, explore! Make goofy characters with outlandish names. Make ugly characters with stupid names. Believe me, we have.

The Nunchuk: In games such as boxing, you need another hand. Luckily for you, Nintendo has lend one: The Nunchuk. Plug this into the Wii controller and get ready to rumble. In other games; however, the Nunchuk has different purposes: Use it to jump or walk around or even use it to drag pieces about. Pick it up when you a hand... or foot, in some cases.

Even though it's fun, the Wii has dangers as well. I'm here to warn you of them. Be weary... and listen well:

  1. DON'T FORGET THE STRAP: On each "Wiimote" is a band that wraps around your wrist. If you forget to put it on, you may lose your television. In instances, the owner has forgotten to put the band and has let go of the controller. The TV is, after that, doomed. PUT ON THE STRAP!
  2. Give Yourself A Good Amount Of Room Between You, The TV, And Other Players: Wouldn't it be terrible if, say, one your siblings had a concussion... and it was all because you hit him or her in the head with the "Wiimote"? In order to prevent this either 1) Give each player a wide berth or 2)Stop playing Wii. For you "Gotta Play Games" types, I DO Not suggest the latter.
  3. (This one's for parents) Remember The Parental Controls: Even though I may not be as serious on the other warnings, I AM ON THIS ONE! The parental controls, to my knowledge, decide what games are and aren't allowed (Like, if it restricts T games, too bad for you). If you don't want your child playing, hearing, or seeing inappropriate games, images, or language, use this. And use it very, very, VERY wisely!

Want fun? Use Wii. Want a workout? Use Wii. Do I have anymore words of wisdom for you? Uhh...... Oh, yeah: USE WII! But remember: They aren't cheap, so you might as well start saving up and finding ways to get cash.

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