The World Without The Word

—by Nathan on June 11, 2008—

What the world be without the Bible? Without God's Word? What lives would we live without the knowledge of God? Would we even KNOW that there is a God? To me, these are very disturbing questions. Just thinking about them scares me! We wouldn't know anything about out creation, about the kings and prophets of old, about Jesus or his life, death, and resurrection. Since many names come from the Bible, possibly multiple people would have the same name ("Hi, Xavier." "Hello, Xavier." "How are you, Xavier?" "Just peachy, Xavier. You?" See how dull that gets?)! Without the Bible, I believe that we'd (And I hate to say this) all go to Hell when we died. We'd know none of God's commandments, and, I believe our world would be pretty chaotic. What would God do? Would he send Jesus back down to die for us again? I don't know. But if we are His people, wouldn't he do something? Would he give hundreds of men visions and tell them to write everything they saw and heard down? Would tons of leather volumes fall into our laps as if saying, "Wake up! Look at your world! Look at what you are missing! Read the Word, listen, learn, and believe!" I'd hate it if every Bible disappeared off the face the face of the Earth. It contains such good and godly material. We need the Bible as much as we need food, drink, clothing, and shelter. Perhaps more.

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