TV Time

—by Nathan on April 19, 2009—

Over the past few months, my family and I have been getting in touch with the TV shows that my parents watched. Surprisingly, they don't seem to like stuff with lame acting and choreography. No, these are well-though-out and well-written. Wow. Here are some descriptions of some of the shows that we have started to watch:

THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO: Actually, I started watching this show when I went down to Florida with my mom a little more than a year ago. I was given the opportunity of choosing the flick for the night and, seeing that this involved a superhero and that my parents had spoken highly of it in the past, decided that this would be cool to see. It is a very good show. It concerns the adventures (and misadventures) of a young man who was given a super-hero costume by a race of aliens. He uses it, and the powers they grant, to fight crime, along with the help of his two "sidekicks", his new girlfriend and a friendly agent.

COMBAT!: Always with the exclamation after it, Combat! wrapped all in front of the TV a few months ago. It explores the endeavors of a platoon of soldiers during World War II, and stars Rick Jason and Vic Morrow as the two lead characters. Usually the plots involve fighting off the Germans (Or "Krauts" as they are so lovingly referred to by our squad of vigilant war heroes), uncovering diabolical plots, or capturing some sort of base. The only unfortunate thing? Well, when guest-stars come on, you know that they are probably going to get sniped by someone or another. A very intriguing series, Combat! shows part of what it may have been like fighting over in Europe. Scary, scary stuff.

THE FLASH: It's a bird... It's a plane... It's... The wrong statement. Sorry. As fast as a lightning bolt, the Flash zipped onto TV screens in the early 1990's. Played by John Wesley Shipps, police scientist Barry Allen is blasted by lightning while working overtime one night. Electricity-filled chemicals spill over him, and he soon figures out that he can run super fast. Putting on a red costume, the Flash zips through Central City fighting off the criminals that plague his home town. He is helped by his new girlfriend Tina McGee and faces foes from the comic, such as the chilling Captain Cold and the nefarious Trickster, as well as the occasional thug, crooked politician, and mad scientist.

All these shows are very fun to watch, and all contain great plots and touches of humor here and there. TV is one of the many ways to gather the whole family around one central point of the household.

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