Twilight Princess Review

—by Nathan on January 1, 2009—

Wii is Nintendo's latest and greatest game system and one that we own. Over the last year, we've gathered a fairly good quantity of games, so I've decided to do reviews about them, from my favorite to least favorite. I grade them on four aspects: Animation, action, storyline, and difficulty rating.


Twilight Princess is the newest installment in the L.O.Z. series. For those of you who have played the game, The hero is Link (the guy in the green, NOT THE PRINCESS) who has to go on extraordinary adventures in order to save the world. The games are Medieval-style, with knights, kings, and little villages with wooden huts. L.O.Z. even has it's own currency (called Rupees) which Link uses to buy objects along the way. And now for the review:

Storyline (10/10): What pushes Link to go on this adventure is the kidnapping of his friend and a few other kids. Chasing the kidnapper (A big, green creature on a giant boar), the hero finds his world enshrouded by twilight. Upon entering the darkness, he is transformed into a wolf. Now, along with a new friend named Midna, Link (in both wolf and human) must save the four Light Spirits by restoring their light and saving the world.

Animation (8/10): I give the animation a high rating for a lot of reasons. First of all, the characters look good, like the villains, who look totally frightening, and the folk, who like kind people who also wear their emotions on their faces. Also, the fantasy creatures are cool and exiting to see.

Action (10/10): Link has a variety of weapons, including a sword, slingshot, and boomerang. He can also ride his horse, who is very fast, and can fight foes while riding. There are also vast lands to explore, multiple enemies to do battle with, and challenging puzzles to solve, making this game very unique and long lasting.

Difficulty Rating (8/10): Twilight Princess is very fun, but very HARD! While fighting normal enemies is rather easy, the bosses are no joyride. They are big, tough, and merciless. Also, the puzzles get harder along the way. Before I got this game, I was told, by many good friends, that it would be difficult. I listened, and still got the game. Even though it may be difficult, Twilight Princess is one of the best Wii games we have.

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