Vacation Bound

—by Nathan on June 2, 2008—

Saturday, May 24 was the day my excited family and I traveled by plane to sunny Florida. The plane trip was long, but, luckily, I had enough reading material to pass the time. When we arrived at the condo in which my mother's parents were living in and were greeted by warm hugs and cheerful smiles. We knew the oncoming week would be a very enjoyable one. During our stay, we swam in the crystal clear Atlantic and the pool, hunted for patterned seashells, went out for lunch and dinner, and sometimes just relaxed. We delighted in our grandparents company while we talked and played games with them. We also spent a few hours with their friends, while eating in exquisite restaurants, dining on delicious food. Sadly, even though it was fun, the trip had to end... The next Saturday, we packed up and, after a few more wonderful moments with our grandparents, the limo came, we drove to the airport, and headed home. Although we cannot be in Florida all the time, we still have the opportunity to do so. We can be glad for that... and the memories that come with.

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