—by Nathan on July 26, 2010—

The word you see above is probably one you have never seen before. In fact, I never saw it until last night when it popped into my head. It's actually a combination of two words. "Word nerd". I guess it's what I consider myself. Being a writer, I use a plethora of gargantuan and complex words taken straight from my vocabulary and placed within my literary works. So, you have your nerds, guys and gals interested in sciency, techy, and all-around geeky stuff. These are the people who will affect the world through new discoveries. Then you have your werds, ladies and gentlemen who love the written word. They will affect the world by composing poetry, books, comics, etc. Both will change the world. The better? I don't know. I guess for everyone to decide in his or her own mind.

I enjoy being a werd. My sisters sometimes call me a "nerd" (on account of me wearing glasses, which is a totally wrong stereotype). But one of them calls me a "nerd" because I like to write. For some reason, they think that makes me a geek. Why? I don't know, and I don't care. Werds are people who love words or writing. Maybe both. They're creative. They like making up worlds, stories, words-anything, really- in their head. Some put it down on paper and publish their thoughts and ideas for the general public to read. Sometimes, they affect thinking. Sometimes, they get a world-wide audience and are quickly clamoring up the ladder of fame and fortune. Then,there are some werds who prefer to keep their writings to themselves. Writing isn't so much a business proposition but a hobby. It's what they do when they get home from school or work, whenever they get an ounce of freedom. It's what they do to escape the mundane, boring trend the world has set. I guess that's where I'm at right now. I'd love to get published someday, have people read what I've written, but at the moment I'm just jotting down my thoughts for my own amusement. Someday, though, I hope to be published.

Some werds like to write, but some don't. There are also people who love words themselves. They may write, they may not. But they love using words that other people won't use. Like a walking encyclopedia. While someone says "cool" about a fireworks display, this kind of werd may call it "an overwhelming play where the actors exploded onto the stage in their vibrant, colorful costumes". See? Would the normal person compare fireworks to a play? Maybe. I wouldn't bet anything on it, but they may. But that isn't the point. The point is that some werds use such colorful to describe something that may be plain and ordinary. They craft beautiful paintings about the mundane. I do this sometimes in both my writing and my real life. It's fun to use big words others wouldn't regularly use.

There's a third type of werd that I will talk about now. We've talked about werds that love to write and werds that just love words. But what about werds who love to read? They love the written things that other people have jotted down. These are the werds who, say, write book reviews. They express their opinions on what others have written. They say what they thought the book was about, what they believed the lessons to be, how they rated it. These are the werds who ponder, think, the most quizzical of all three groups. These are the wondering werds, the reading werds, the opinionated werds. These are the werds who shape the world by their views taken from another werd's views.

Werds are an important factor in the world. Readers, writers, and speakers. These are people who use words, form words, love. They don't have to be super-smart. They don't have to hold a college degree in biology, or physics, or chemistry. Sometimes, they may not even hold a college degree at all. Werds can be any ages. Young children, teens, the middle aged, and even older folk. Werds love words. Need I say more?

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