Why Mom Is Special

—by Nathan on May 10, 2009—

So...why ARE mothers so special? I mean, what's the point of celebrating today? Has this day been set aside to simply honor the wonderful woman in our life we call "Mom"? Well...yeah! And, today, my family is celebrating my mom: Barbara. Let's take a look at the word "BARB," see if we can play with it...

Beautiful: Not only is she pretty in an outward appearance, she is also gorgeous on the inside. She participates in Feed My Starving Children occasionally and teaches us good morals. She is an upright, Christian woman who believes that Jesus died for her and everyone and rose again three days later. She tries her hardest to make us stick lessons, both school-wise and belief-wise, in our heads so that we can have a good, bright future.

Arbiter: Mom is the judge of our home. Whenever a crime is committed by one of us little villains, she is usually the one who delivers the sentence. She hears the case from all sides, the ponders the situation. Acting as both judge and jury, she hands the appropriate discipline, whether it's a fine, hard time, or community service, she knows whats best for wrongdoers like us.

Rich: Believe it or not, Mom is rich. Not in money, though. Thanks to her teaching skills and willingness to serve, she has become abundant in the love of her children. In her richness of looks, she won herself a wonderful husband. And even in her knowledge of crossword puzzles, she's snared a prize or two. Also, she is gifted in a large memory where she pull out a story at the drop of a hat. Many times these tales contain lessons, which shows her gift to tie everyday occurrences with spiritual references.

Boss: Don't mess with da' boss, man. Mom's has had to take charge over the years. She's served as a Junior High leader in our church before I was born (And knowing how WE usually act, I'm surprised she survived!), and she's been helping the AWANA groups for a couple of years. She is the head of our school and often has to send the MMOC (Main Man On Campus-me) to the dreaded detention room more than once. She does a pretty good job as a teacher, and I hope she continues to be one for years to come.

These are only a few of the things my mother is. Barb means "Stranger," but she is probably one of the people I know most about! She's been a good mother over the years, and she will be for many long years to come. No matter how I get her goat, no matter what I do, or say, she'll never stop loving me.

I'll love her forever, I'll like her for always. As long as I'm living, my mother she'll be.

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!

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