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—by Nathan on September 23, 2009—

We have a Wii. Yeah! Over the past year and a half, we have accumulated quite a store of games. Some have been bummers, some have been O.K., and some have been simply amazing. These are the games we love to continually play over a long period of time. I'll show you why I like these games, and maybe you'll like them too:

GAME: Guitar Hero: World Tour

WHY I LIKE IT: This was the first game I bought that required more than a Wii Remote (I'll call it "Wiimote" from now on). It came with an electric guitar! All you have to do is plug the Wiimote into the guitar and jam. Like our games, some of the songs are great, good, or not so good. Unlike other games, you can choose the difficulty you want to play at (Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert). I suggest Easy for newcomers because the Beginner level is just plain boring. So, just name your band (The Stupid Slugs, the Jammin' Jammers, or whatever), choose a song, and get ready to rock! You can also create your own rockers, play against other Heroes over Wi-Fi, buy new songs to play, or free rock with your Miis. A great game that involves amazing music, Guitar Hero is the perfect game for you rock lovers. (Guitar Hero can also be expanded with the Drum Kit and extra Guitar system which I suggest getting).

GAME: Super Smash Brothers Brawl

WHY I LIKE IT: I've gone over this game before in previous blogs, but I'll say it again: SSBB is where Nintendo characters get the chance for the ultimate slugfest. In other words: ARE WE READY TO RUMBLE?!? I hope so, because this game is full of hours upon hours of action-packed fighting fun! Hone your skills against CPUs, then battle your friends at home or strangers over Wi-Fi. There are multiple brawlers and stages to choose from, and many weapons fall from the sky for you to use. Don't forget Coin Launcher to get Trophies and Stickers, and Stage Builder to make your very own battle ground. No two battles are alike, and it all requires skill in order for you to come out on top. Who wins? It's all up to you.

GAME: Wii Music

WHY I LIKE IT: Another music game, but this only requires the Wiimote. Jam along with the Tutes (A family of music players) as you master instruments ranging from guitar to piano to drums, and even weirder music makers such as cheerleaders, dogs, and karate guys. Strange, eh? The music you play are all very good choices. Play classics such as "Happy Birthday" and "Swan Lake", and video game tunes like "The Legend of Zelda", and the "Wii Sports" theme. Choose the way you play with the choice of styles: Rock, Classic, Tango, and even Japanese await you. Fun mini games also lie in wait, but whatever you do is up to you. Play your own way, because your musical legacy is in your hands and instruments.

There are many more games that are enjoyable to play, but it would take a long time to go through them all. I just want you to know that these are my favorites, and I recommend them very highly. But, hey: It's your Wii. It's your world. It's your fun. Don't let me boss you around. Many other games are there too. It just depends on who you are. Music, fighting,'s all there, waiting to be introduced to your Wii.

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