Year of Highlights

—by Nathan on May 22, 2008—

Well, it has been a tough year for Hidden Treasure Home School, tough for everyone. But, we've had some highlights during the school year. I'll name some of mine:

  1. I was taught by multiple teachers, who taught interesting subjects.
  2. I learned a lot of long and little literary terms.
  3. I wrote fun poetry.
  4. I learned the joy of slopes, areas, and scientific notation.
  5. I learned how to write a book report, a personal narrative, and a problem-solution essay (I wrote them, too).
  6. I learned of important events in the histories of England, China, India, and the good ole' U.S.A.
  7. I even learned about applied science, the hypothalamus, and the adrenocticotropic gland.

School may not always be fun or easy, but it's important. And I'll keep on doing it... until I graduate from college.

—Tags: Home Schooling

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