A Simple and Clever Idea

by Scott on June 26, 2008 (ApologeticsChristian)

Recently, when I was driving into work I was behind a pick-up truck and had a view of the underside of the vehicle. In particlar I noticed that the differential (roundish housing found midpoint on the rear axle) had cooling fins as part of the design. Cooling fins are typically used to transfer heat from an internal heat source to the outside thus keeping the internal item cooler. My lawnmower engine block makes use of cooling fins and they have been a part of a car's radiator for as long as I can remember. The reason for the design of the fin is to increase the surface area. An flat sided object has so much surface area; that same object with a convoluted in and out pattern has a significantly increased amount of surface area. When transfer of heat is needed, an increase of surface area is needed to do an effective job. A simple and clever idea.

Increasing surface area, where have I seen this before? Oh yeah, the design of the human intestines is based on the same concept. The intestines are not just a tube, but a very convoluted tube, with folds that go in and out. This design significantly increases the surface area for better nutrient absorption, but wait, that is not all. There are also finger-like projections called villi and microvilli which increase the surface and absorption area even more. Wow, what a simple and clever idea.

The inventors of cooling fins may have thought up their solution on their own, or maybe they copied the idea from what they observed. What we do know is that cooling fins came from intelligence. If cooling fins came from intelligence, then it is natural conclusion that so did circular folds, villi and microvilli. The Creator seems to have some simple and clever ideas.

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