Cheaper Than Golf

by Scott on March 21, 2008 (LinuxOpen SourceWeb Development)

It seems that every Web site has an "about this site" statement that informs visitors the purpose of the site. This site does not really have an "about" but rather a "why" statement. Why does this site exist? Not for some grand purpose, but rather to learn about web development and say "I can do this." Also, it gives me something to do that is cheaper than golf.

It may be a simple site, but there is a lot of different technologies that enter into its creation. The main development and delivery engine is the Catalyst Web Framework which utilizes the Perl scripting language along with Mason templating, DBIx::Class ORM and SQLite database. The site was developed on a computer running Mepis Linux and is hosted on a computer in my basement running Debian Linux utilizing Dynamic DNS. The client technologies are HTML, CSS and the jQuery JavaScript Library. Update: Changes over time to the backend of the site are the use of Template::Toolkit rather than Mason and the move from Dynamic DNS to a real domain and a real web server with more bandwith - without cost.

The one thing all these technologies have in common is that they are all free to install, use and learn. The last time I overheard the price of green fees leads me to say that it is a cheaper hobby than golf. OK, computer hardware does cost, but the prices of PC components are much cheaper that in the past and some of the components I use are hand-me-down components. It does not take as much power to run Linux than it does M$ Windows. Even with the price of hardware, web developing is still cheaper than golf.

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