The Campfire and the Creator

by Scott on May 5, 2008 (ApologeticsChristian)

Just imagine if you were walking through the woods and you came upon a cleared area in which you saw stones arranged in a circle and charred sticks within the circle. What is your conclusion? A person was there, gathered the stones and sticks, lit a campfire, perhaps enjoyed it and then put it out. Is there any other possibility? It may have been possible that there were high winds that swept the ground clear of forest debris. Next, slight tremors rolled the stones into the circle and either the winds or the tremors could have caused the sticks to fall within the circle. The fire may have been caused by a lightning strike, burned for a while and then was put out by a rainstorm. Possible? I guess it could be possible, but not probable. Without actually conducting the study I'd say 100 out of 100 people interviewed would probably choose the human intervention scenario (OK, maybe 99 out of 100 to account for the rebel in the crowd).

Out of all the chance items that would have to happen, the circle of stones would be the most unlikely to naturally happen. Lightning striking a forest area hitting a pile of sticks is probably more likely than finding an organized circle of stones that occurred without human intervention. If a crude circle of stones is enough to convince one to believe that a person of intelligence organized the circle, why is it that people also can look at our world and the natural things within it and conclude that it all happened by chance. I believe that what we see around us is enough to convince me that there is a God.

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