Perl Module Dev

by Scott, Revised on May 18, 2017 (PerlScripting)

I do not have great knowledge of the process. I am not ready for the modules to be on cpan, but as I use them on my systems, I want them installable from GitHub using cpanm.

Using mbtiny

Simple and provides the basic files for a distribution.

cpanm App::ModuleBuildTiny

After I developed the module, cd into directory above /lib and /t and create a cpanfile. I then run mbtiny commands.

mbtiny regenerate

This creates or revises the Build.PL, MANIFEST, META.json, and META.yml files based on the local directory name, the cpanfile and perhaps some of the module pod. It can be used with a file arguement as well. There are other mbtiny commands that can be used to test and build a distribution. After these files have been created, I create a .gitignore and push to github. I then install with cpanm.

cpanm git://
cpanm git://
cpanm git://

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