Red Hulk

by Nathan, Revised on August 30, 2011 (Comics)

This is to keep Red Hulk (Rulk) fans updated on the big guy's deadly doings and my top guesses on just who the hulk (I mean heck) he might be:


  1. Fought And Assassinated Abomination
  2. Infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier Gold
  3. Wiped out all Helicarrier Gold's Files On The Hulk
  4. Battled And Beat-Up She-Hulk
  5. Battled And Beat-Up Iron Man
  6. Made Gold Crash
  7. Beat-Up A-Bomb (Rick Jones)
  8. Punched The Watcher
  9. Fought And Knocked Hulk (Bruce Banner) Out
  10. Wrenched Mjolnir (Thor Hammer) Out Of The Thunder God's Hand After Jumping Into Space
  11. Created An Earthquake When He Landed
  12. Fell To The Hulk
  13. Killed a Wendigo
  14. Battled The Combined Forces Of She-Hulk, Thundra, Valkyrie, Invisible Woman, Hellcat, Storm, Tigra, Spider-Woman, and Black Widow (Although Eventually Defeated)
  15. Killed Hulk (Don't Worry, The Green Machine Comes Back)
  16. Killed Psycho-Man
  17. Killed Terrax
  18. Sucked Out The Silver Surfer's Power (Before Killing Him)
  19. Killed Tiger Shark
  20. Killed Namor
  21. Hurt (I Think) Dormmamu
  22. Killed Dr. Strange
  23. Killed Mordo
  24. Murdered Grandmaster
  25. Fought Spider-Man
  26. Fought Hulk And Drained Out His Power

Wow. Rulk's been busy. And let it not be forgotten that this is no "HULK SMASH!" Hulk. No, this guy's intelligent. But...Who is he? Here Are my four top guesses:

General Thaddeus Ross, General Glenn Talbot, Major Matt Talbot, and General John Ryker.

I could be wrong. I might not be. Still, it could be one of them. We'll just have to waits and see who's the one who's been carrying out the Red Hulk's rampage. And here's an even better question: Who gonna stop him?

Update: Rulk is Ross

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