KDE Tweaks

by Scott, Revised on February 14, 2016 (LinuxOpen Source)

Remove KDE's Window Glow

System Settings -> Workspace Appearance -> Window Decorations -> Configure Decoration -> Shadows

Deselect "Active Window Glow"

Very annoying glow to me.

Get Menubar Back

I accidentally deselected "Show Menubar" in Okular. Ctrl+m brought it back. It will also work for other KDE-based applications.

Add Delete to Dolphin

Dolphin -> Control -> Configure Dolphin -> Services -> Delete

fstab entry for mounting a usb device

On my Kubuntu system, mount point is either user name and then the block UUID.

UUID=UUID# /media/mount/point ext4 nofail,auto,noatime,rw,user 0 0

Kate Editor CSS Syntax Highlighting Bug Fix

Kate editor not parsing @media queries correctly

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