Shocked Heart

—by Anna on February 4, 2011—

Once there was a heart. He was taking a walk in the park, and it started raining. The heart never saw rain, so he thought it was something dreadful.

"Oh no! What shall I do?!?!"

Quickly the heart look around. He heard clashing from the sky. Lights so bright he thought he'd be blind. The heart finally saw a large tree not far off. Running as fast as a gazelle the poor heart got to the tree.

"I shall be safe here until this wet cold thing goes away," he thought. But sadly the poor heart did not know that being under a tree in a thunderstorm is a horrible place to be. So when he was just feeling at home lightning zapped the tree and struck the innocent heart. The poor thing was found dead the next morning.

Moral: U should NOT be under a tree in a thunderstorm!!

—Tags: Lessons