The Issues of Today: “Venom: Separation Anxiety”

by Nathan on August 14, 2019

Allow me to provide some context for today’s storyline before we begin analyzing the main narrative: between “Nights of Vengeance” and our upcoming series, Venom starred in a four-issue storyline that took place over in the “Web of Spider-Man” and “Spider-Man” titles. Called “The Exile Returns” and written shortly after the infamous “Clone Saga” began, the story was Venom’s first altercation with Ben Reilly’s Scarlet Spider, with the Peter Parker-cloned hero doing what his spidery predecessor was unable to do up until then: defeat Venom. As in, render him immobile enough for the authorities to apprehend him.

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The Issues of Today: “Venom: Nights of Vengeance”

by Nathan on August 11, 2019

Think you’ve had your fill of cliché 90s action and adventure from our last couple of series? Did “Lethal Protector” and “The Mace” have two many dudes with guns and lasers running around, causing havoc? Are you looking for a story that’s a little less frantic, a little more easy-going and down-to-earth?

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The Issues of Today: “Venom: The Mace”

by Nathan on August 10, 2019

After Venom’s little tussle with the Incredible Hulk, he moves on to his latest three-part limited series, “Venom: The Mace.” This series is going to ramp up the 90s-era most cliched attributes: tough guys in armor! Tons of weapons! Lasers and pouches! Other series have utilized some of these characteristics before—“Lethal Protector” featured a whole team of armored warriors—but “The Mace” takes these and runs even more helter-skelter with them.

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The Issues of Today: “Incredible Hulk vs. Venom: Rockin' the Town"

by Nathan on August 9, 2019

Previously, I decided to exclude various issues where Venom guest-starred but was not the principle focus. This time around, however, I’m going to examine a one-shot about both Venom and that lovable Jolly Green Giant, Mr. “Belted-By-Gamma-Rays” himself: the Hulk. Since this isn’t just Venom appearing for a few pages in someone else’s comic book, and since my dad is a huge Hulk fan, I thought I’d write up a little review about this standalone story. For its limited page length, “Rockin’ the Town” is a pretty fun, tiny tale, fortunately, meaning its impact lasts just a smidge longer than I assumed going into it.

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The Issues of Today: “Venom: The Enemy Within”

by Nathan on August 8, 2019

After the zany, mindtrip that was the “Venom: The Madness” limited series, I’m proud to announce that our next entry is a little less…psychedelic, I suppose would be a word. We still deal with plenty of wacky, goofy, comic book shenanigans, but “The Enemy Within” feels a bit more palatable and straightforward.

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