The 10 Best Action Figures of All Time (10-6)

—by Nathan on October 6, 2014—

I went through a period where I really, really enjoyed action figures. As a major superhero geek, I really like anything pertaining to graphic novels and any related merchandise/media. Movies, video games, LEGOs, clothes, action's all there. But I've done blogs on LEGOs, video games, and movies already, and I would never do a blog on clothes, so why not do one on action figures? I haven't touched them in a while, but Abby and I got into them for a bit about a year ago, and I've been itching to write a blog ever since, just to go over my favorites. And, when I say "favorite," I don't necessarily mean favorite to play with. It could be that, but it could also be figures that I thought were cool to have, drum up memories, or just mean a lot to me. So I'll list them, ten through six for this blog, my top favorite action figures of all time. Short intro (for once, hooray), so let me jump right in to number ten.

Number 10: Gollum (from The Return of the King)

Why: Okay, I'm starting off with a non-superhero one, but this is seriously one great action figure. Andy Serkis' Gollum happens to be one of my favorite characters in all of film (number 2 to Heath Ledger's Joker), and so when I gathered LOTR action figures, Gollum of course topped the list. The figure is great. Super-articulated, so you could really get the sneaking, slinking, crawling feel of the character. He looks perfect and handles very well, if not a little too flimsy (I broke one of his hands off easily). The best part of the character was to see how I could imagine him surviving the fires of Mount Doom and coming back to pester Frodo and the rest of the Fellowship once more! An awesome villain rendered as a great figure.

Number 9: Iron Man (Ultimates form)

Why: Unlike with LEGO, I was never as interested in collecting teams. The Sinister Six and FF, sure, but that was it. So I didn't get Iron Man to make an Avengers. I wasn't even a huge Iron Man fan at the time, but I bought him nonetheless because he's still a cool hero for any fanboy's collection. As a figure, he's fun to have fly around and fire repulsor rays from his hands. The removable helmet was always a nice addition to show Tony Stark underneath. Though the paint has chipped away over the years, this is still a nice and solid figure that's easy to move around and a great addition to any superhero team.

Number 8: Daredevil (from Daredevil)

Why: Yes, I know that's technically Ben Affleck under the mask, but I didn't care then, and I still don't now. So why Daredevil? Because, at the time, I was a growing Spider-Man fan, and I knew that one hero he coop'd a lot with was the Man Without Fear. Really, I think, the only reason I got the guy was to be a foil for my Spidey action figure. He's cool in his own right, though. Sleek and coming with his billy club, Daredevil definitely complements any fun city adventures I could pretend to have, complete with crazy parkour gymnastics and stunts. He looks pretty darn awesome, too, with his red costume and dark eyes. Yet another keeper to add to the collection.

Number 7: Slade (aka Deathstroke the Terminator, from Teen Titans Go!)

Why: I was into this incarnation of the Teen Titans at the time and had already collected figures of some of the heroes. So who better than to get their greatest enemy? I believe I got this one as a Christmas gift, and I hadn't even asked for it, but my dad did a great job at finding action figures at Target and on ebay. Slade (as called in the show, but known as Deathstroke in the comics) is one heck of a villain, though. Again, very articulated, and he comes with additional weapons that make him more than a match for any hero he comes into contact with. Though initially a Titans' enemy, I made him come into conflict with my Batman figure, since I used him more and they're pretty much the same height (note: I'm a stickler on heights. DC characters were always smaller than Marvel ones...I never liked combining them; the height always bugged me. Always and still does). So, he's a tough dude. I like my supervillains, and he's a pretty darn nasty one.

Number 6: The Vulture

Why: If I had one goal with action figures, it was to collect the Sinister Six. And not just any Sinister Six. The original team. Through the years, either through purchasing or receiving, I had gathered five of the six. Doctor Octopus, Electro, Mysterio, Kraven, and Sandman. But I never got a Vulture. Not until last year, when my sister Abby gave one to me as a graduation gift. This was what kicked off our action figure obsession for the next few weeks. The Vulture is a cool figure. I'd say he's always been one of my top ten favorite Spidey enemies, so it was wonderful to finally have him. As a figure, he can swoop around, cut through things with his wings, and stay out of reach of his enemies. He's fun to play with, but this is one of the figures that has meaning attached to it. After years, I finally finished my Sinister Six. I could wipe my brow and sit back. Not a huge goal in the long run, but us geeks take pride in the small things.

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