A Family To Love On Valentine's Day

—by Nathan on February 14, 2010—

Some people think that a family,
Is just like any other,
Consisting of a child or two,
And a father and a mother.

My family may be just like yours,
Strong and proud and brave,
There to hug and hold and love,
To comfort and to save.

What exactly is a family?
Just another word we speak?
Or is there something more,
Something more special than we think?

Let me tell about the people,
God's given me from above,
The people that I'm blessed with,
The people that I love.

First is my father, Scott Alan Kiehn,
The lord of our little home,
He works to give us food and shelter,
He's the hardest-working man I've known.

His name means "Scotish", but he's not from Scotland,
He's American through and through,
A football lover, a caring husband,
And the best father you ever knew.

He likes his fun, his games and stuff,
And he loves his daughters and son,
He's sort of a child at heart himself,
He's the greatest man under the sun.

Next is my mother, Barbara Jo Kiehn,
An accountant turned homeschool teacher,
A sweet woman, a family person,
Her faith to us will never waver.

Her name means "Stranger" but I probably,
Know her the best out of all,
Quick and smart, she's a wise mom,
Who loves God with all her soul.

From time to time, we have our spats,
But her love never leaves her heart,
Her mercy is amazing and never ending,
You'll like her right from the start.

Third is my sister, Anna Jo Kiehn,
Of the two daughters she is the oldest,
She is very cute in her mannerisms,
And her love is the "goldest".

Her name means "Joy" and she is that,
She loves animals, both stuffed and livin',
Her favorites are giant tigers and loyal dogs,
To those two, much of her attention is given.

Her and I like hanging around,
Playing Wii and toys again and again,
Out of all the people that I know,
She may be my best friend.

The youngest is Abigail Caroline Kiehn,
A little tot full of energy to the brim,
A dancer, a "snuggler", and quite the pal,
She has love flowing through every limb.

For her age she is quite smart,
In games, comics, and TV,
She knew many heroes and villains,
Before she memorized her ABC's.

Her name means "Blessing", and that's what she's been,
To our little gang,
Though we don't always see eye to eye,
She's my buddy, and I'll love her the same.

Parents to love, siblings to cherish,
Forever they will love me,
And I will give the same for them,
For they are my family.

So, on this Valentine's Day,
There is one more thing left to do,
Or, rather, something left to say,
And that is, "I LOVE YOU!"

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