Mission Trip: To Los Angeles

—by Anna on July 9, 2016—

I kind of figured I could write something about my trip when possible. On my phone. This could possibly be my only blog. But that's okay!

So right now, we're waiting on a plane to go to Los Angeles. We've been waiting to get off the ground forever (not really; it just feels like forever cause it feels like it's ten which is my bedtime and it's hot on this stupid plane and I'm already tired of socializing). All that to say, these really AREN'T problems, just my first world mind being used to Naperworld (which is the Naperville bubble in which Napervillians live).

Another point: Everyone is mostly having good attitudes about it being crazy late and not being in the air. They're having fun and I admire that. I'm trying. It's hard, you know? Especially knowing this is going to be a bad night of sleep and we're not going to sleep decently until next Sunday.

So. Okay good news: I'm eating puppy chow which is wonderful because it's chocolate! Also, it's pretty awesome I can write this blog. From an airplane in Phoenix. Which is delayed. Another positive: The kid next to me is pretty funny. Another positive: The flight attendants are super nice and trying to make us as comfortable as possible. Funny youth group, helpful crew, and finally not hot, cause they turned on the air conditioning, life could be worse.

It's also really funny cause every time that little dingy bell goes of, everyone gets excited cause they think it's announcement about the pilot getting here. Like, the whole plane. It's just someone pushing the assistant bell. It's like, everyone has such great hope, and then they all deflate. It's pretty funny.

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