—by Nathan on October 9, 2008—

Today is my mother's birthday. It's a special day not only to her, but to the entire family. It's a time to reminisce about the past and celebrate her life. I love my mom, and I hope she'll enjoy her special day.

There are many things my mom is, and I would like to go through some of them in detail:

A SERVANT: My mom, unlike me, likes to serve. In our Awana program, while I was in Cubbies, she was a leader, listening to kids say their verses during Handbook Time and cheering them on during Game Time. Even after I became a Sparkie (Sparks is the program right after Cubbies), she continued working. I'm not quite sure when she stopped, by she's working with Cubbies again, now that Abby's apart of it. She also enjoys working at FMSC (Feed My Starving Children), an organization that helps feed children in other countries that don't get as much as we do in America.

A TEACHER: When I was in kindergarten, I went to the Longwood public school in our neighborhood. But when I graduated from kindergarten and became a first grader, that all changed: I was now home schooled, taught by the best teacher in the universe: My mom. For seven years she's schooled me, and when Anna and Abby came around, she started teaching them when they began kindergarten. Though it may be hard at sometimes, she still does it. That's just one of the many things I love her for.

A "SNUGGLER": My mom gets cold easily, so when that happens, she grabs a blanket and wraps it around her. When there's none around, she sometimes uses her kids. She loves being close to us, and we like it to. It shows a relationship that we have: We can watch TV while we cuddle with her, chat with her, or just simply sit there and fall asleep. Since I'm getting older and bigger, I don't do as often as I did when I was younger, but the girls still enjoy it.

My mom is all these things... and more. She's a servant, a teacher, and a "snuggler", but she's also a God-filled woman, a devoted wife, and a loving sister. I am very happy that she's here with my family and I, and we all love her very, very much. That being said, I just have one more thing I wish to tell my mother:


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